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January 2007: A new year brings new additions to the Ask Us section of Cosmicopia! Check out the new questions and answers in each section.

November 2006: Cosmicopia is honored to be chosen by Encyclopaedia Britannica as a Britannica iGuide site. You can learn more about the iGuide program on our Awards and Reviews page.

December 2005: Cosmicopia is the featured education website in Science magazine's NetWatch column for December 16, 2005. Details are available on our Awards and Reviews page.

December 2005: The Space Physics category of the Ask Us section has been reorganized for easier navigation. We've separated the questions and answers in the topic into more specific sections.

May 2005: We've reorganized the General Physics questions in the Ask Us section. Now the topic has been divided into over a dozen categories so you can find questions and answers more easily for a specific topic.

December 2004: We've got a new name! The Cosmic and Heliospheric Learning Center is now Cosmicopia. We're your source for information on cosmic rays and other great space topics, but we've got a cool new name!

May 2003: 50 new questions and answers added to Ask Us pages. With the addition of a new web programmer, more will be added in the near future, and more routinely.

December 2002: Web site is Section 508 (accessibility) compliant

April 2001: New page layout and design

  • Site map added for ease of navigation
  • Updated and new images
  • Pages easier to print
  • Long pages broken into shorter ones for quicker downloading
  • Broken links repaired


TRACE sun mosaic Supernova 1006 (ASCA) 30
Doradus ACE
spacecraft TRACE solar flare IMAGE magnetosphere
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